Giving to the Foundation

The Mark Twain Medical Center Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to sustaining the future of Calaveras County's only hospital. Your generosity helps ensure that the hospital can continue to meet its commitment to the community's health care needs.

The Foundation was founded in 1984 by forward-thinking volunteers recognizing that community support was vital to assure the hospital had resources to keep pace with evolving medical technology and trends. In just two years, the Foundation raised $92,000 to purchase and install the first mammography equipment in the county. Its fund raising has been instrumental in acquiring various equipment, updating patient rooms and securing $1 million dollars for the hospital's Building Fund.

A $2.3 million capital campaign is currently underway for the new Angels Camp Family Medical Center.

In addition to financial considerations, Foundation members give of their time in planning and supporting its fund raising activities. To become a member youneed only apply, pledge your moral support for our efforts – and then, get actively involved. Please Contact the Foundation.

Reasons for Giving

People give to the Foundation for many reasons. It often comes because of a pure and simple desire to do good, to help others. It may come from appreciation of the care and concern provided for a loved one by hospital staff, a physician or nurse. It can also reflect an individual's community pride and the desire to perpetuate quality medical care close to home.