What's in the Diabetes Starter Kit?

  • Glucometer

A device for measuring the concentration of glucose in the blood, typically using a small drop of blood which is then placed on a test strip in the meter. This process results in a blood sugar level number. The blood sugar number helps a person know what and how much of medication is needed to keep the blood sugar in appropriate range for optimal health.


  • Glucometer Strips

Individual strips that are placed in Glucometer to obtain the blood sample for the reading.


  • Lancets

A small medical implement used to prick a finger and obtain a small capillary blood sample to use on glucometer strip.


  • Alcohol Swabs

Gauze soaked pads soaked with alcohol used to clean a patch of skin prior to a puncture.


  • Sharps Container

Sharps disposal containers are made from rigid puncture-resistant plastic with lid to accommodate depositing a sharp used but not large enough for a hand for safe disposal of lancets and needles.


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